Welcome to gilaguitars.com!


Let me start by saying that the idea behind this website was to enable me to display my collection in one place and also buy more guitars that fit my collection.

I’ve spent the better part of 20 years building the group you see on the main page and it is not complete by any means. I pay finder’s fees for leads on cool instruments, and I'm always looking to buy unique and rare Ibanez (DNA’s, Universe multi-colors, Jems, USA Customs, etc.), Ernie Ball Music Man Eddie Van Halen models, USA made Jackson and Charvel guitars, Custom Shop or rare Peavey Wolfgangs, Steinbergers with Trans Tremolo systems, etc. If you have something you think I'd like, or know of something for sale somewhere you think I'd be interested in, email me and send along some information, pictures, and a price. Thanks.

My background

I got hooked on guitars in high school when I purchased my first new Jackson Soloist (a 1985 model) after considering just about every other manufacturer's models out there. I waited almost 1 year before I received my original Jackson, but the wait was worth it – it was everything I had expected and more. I still remember the huge rush of excitement I got when the UPS driver pulled up. I still get that same rush when a new guitar arrives!

Currently I've been able to purchase most of the cool guitars I've wanted my whole life. You can never have enough guitars though…hence this website and another shameless plug to email me with your cool guitars for sale.

This website will be updated every time I purchase something cool that I want to share. Thanks for stopping by.