Welcome to gilaguitars.com!

If you've selected this portion of the website, you're obviously more interested in the Heloderma collection than the guitar collection. Good choice!

Let me start by saying that the idea behind this website was to enable me to sell some lizards and buy more guitars . I've had good success over the last 4 years breeding gila monsters, and with the number of available off-spring from my collection growing every year, I felt like it was time to get my lizard collection out there for all to see and inquire about. Currently, my collection contains several distinct bloodlines of heloderma, so offering totally unrelated off-spring is not an issue.

My background…

I first got interested in reptiles as a young adult when I purchased a standard pet shop Boa constrictor. Over the years, my interests naturally progressed to wanting to reproduce many of the species I had in my collection. By reading and talking to every expert I could (these were the pre-internet days) I was able gain enough knowledge to successfully reproduce Green Tree Pythons, several variations of Carpet Pythons, Suriname and Emerald Tree Boas, Blood Pythons, and all color morphs of Burmese Pythons. While I was volunteering at a local zoo, I was exposed to Gila Monsters for the first time. Shortly after I started volunteering, the curator of the zoo hatched several clutches of gila monsters and he allowed me to have my pick of the litter. I started with one, but soon went back for 3 more. I knew at that point that I wanted to concentrate on gilas exclusively so I sold / gave away all the snakes in my collection. The curator later introduced me to several other zoos and collectors that had offspring available, and soon I had enough hatchlings / young adults in my collection to start a breeding colony (which was still several years away). In 2000, I hatched my first gila eggs after 2 years of failure, and I have successfully hatched several eggs every year since.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site. Check out the guitar collection if you're curious – I have some pretty unique instruments. This website will be updated every time I hatch / purchase something cool that I want to share.